How do you even…. ?

This is the type of stage pageantry that people pay hundreds to see. Imagine how long the costume designer took intricately put into making those dresses the people behind the scene are the true heroes of theater 

The one on the right is a true work of art



i saw cinderella on broadway and when this happened i was like wuht the frick

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This is like a round of cards against humanity

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"We did a screen test and so, they brought in cameras, and then there were four Jims and four Pams, and we got mix-and-matched. Every time I was matched with John, it was so easy and it just was so natural. On the second day, of auditions he leaned over to me and he said, ‘You’re my favorite Pam.’ And I said, ‘You’re my favorite Jim! Oh my gosh! I hope we both get it!’ So, when they called me and said that I got the role, I said, ‘Who’s Jim? Please say John Krasinski.’ They said, ‘Yes, it’s John Krasinski.’ And I knew. I started to cry and I knew that the two of us together… I couldn’t be Pam without him. He’s my Jim. He just is."

Jenna Fischer

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I’m horrified by what I saw of the video. It seems to me an obvious violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service, and I don’t understand why YouTube hasn’t already taken it down. This harassment and abuse can call itself pranks, but it isn’t; it’s abuse. It needs to stop—whether uploaded to YouTube or vine or facebook or wherever. It’s just reprehensible, and further indication that we have a lot to discuss when it comes to consent, harassment, and abuse both online and off. 

Obviously I don’t have magical internet powers to fix this (or any other problems), but I do understand that Hank and I have a platform, and we are trying to amplify and fund creators who are fighting to inform more people about abuse and consent, including Kelly Kend’s documentary. A nerdfighter task force continues to develop a video series about consent and abuse online, which is taking a while because it needs to be properly researched and written and funded and so on, but it will happen.


…well, it’s better to bring too many books than not enough books, right?

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she is a gift to this world

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HOT DAMN WE CUTE!! Can’t wait to jam out to The Icarus Account again with spideygoose in a few weeks! ❤️❤️❤️


Already trying to plan out an outfit for when I go to see sashcraft12 and then I remember that it’s Oklahoma weather and it’s probably gonna change by then soooo, I’ll hold off I suppose.

I was legit doing this the other day too because I want to look cute but can’t wear the same thing to their concert we wore last time! But the damn weather is so finicky!!!! #dresstoimpress